Location of Sighting: Deeside industrial estate.
Date of Sighting: Fri 21st August 2009
Time: 22:08
Witness Name: Eadon Clay.

Witness Statement: Myself and two workmates were leaving work after 2-10 shift. at the sky I noticed something moving roughly from south to north.
It appeared to be glowing pale orange with an intermittently flashing light. We all thought initially it may be a balloon or a Chinese lantern. It was difficult to determine how high it was or how large as it was dark.
The object was moving quite quickly, there was a slight breeze at ground level but it was moving much more quickly and very directly. The sky was largely clear, a few clouds, again not moving as quickly as the object or in the same direction.
It was not possible to determine its shape, it did not appear to be a regular shape. There was no noise emitted.
My gut instinct is that was a balloon or lantern caught in a fast moving wind and difficult to identify positively in the dark,however the fact that it maintained a constant speed,height and direction makes me wonder! My two workmates made much the same remarks.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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